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Be there when it matters, even if you can’t be there.


Created by individual caregivers for caregivers

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In today’s world, there is a growing need for remote assistance of loved ones, or as we like to call it,

Watch Our Own”.

The App

The ultimate caregiving tool for those who want peace of mind and need help managing it all

Direct Communication

Groups of caregivers can join around a loved one to help manage care and stay informed.


Easily and quickly communicate, from within the app, with Group members for any needs your care recipient has.

Tasks & 


Create tasks for yourself or anyone in your group.  Share Tasks with your group and delegate to those that can assist.

Track important tasks to completion as well as re-assign if necessary

Real-time Updates

Access latest health, vitals and appointment schedule information related to your loved ones for faster response.

Connect with Group members and coordinate in real-time when there is an incident or Event.

Planning & Management

Empowers you to be proactive vs reactive. Manage calendars, medications, appointments, transportation, meals and coordination between caregivers

Event Alerts

Notifies Group members a loved one is in need of help and facilitates direct assistance or help from first responders.

Through "Watch Me Now" video, "Lost Event, "Injured Event" and "Fall Detection" gives Group alerts and real-time updates.


Identifies and maps your loved one’s location and nearest emergency services.

Privacy & Security

Secure storage of all personal information and secure sharing enabled only by you. Watch Our Own never shares or uses any data,

How it Works

Everything you need in one mobile app that you can afford


Create Your Group

It's easy to build a group of caregivers to watch over a loved one

Create a free account and login

  • Build a profile with health information and important reminders for your loved one

  • Select who you are caregiving for

  • Organize a virtual group of caregivers to coordinate care for your loved one

  • Send an invitation to each person to accept

  • Any Watch Our Own registered user can be invited to be part of your group

  • No Group is too big or too small

  • Watch Our Own lets you coordinate with the Group directly through the app

  • Group creators can invite as many to join your group as a caregiver that your subscription plan supports

  • Setup Tasks and "delegate with others in your group"

Available on Android 5.0.0 + and iOS 8.0.0 +

Schedule Tasks



Hub for caregiver coordination. Reminders notify all caregivers. Alerts sent (and escalation) to caregivers if the care recipient does not make it by scheduled time.



Arrange transportation for care recipients between caregivers - doctor appointments, errands and other needs


Task & Delegation

Keep your Group feeling connected by arranging supportive activities, not just focused on the to-do list.


Monitor Medication

Medicine reminders and history helps caregivers be a health advocate for their loved one.


Errands, Meals & Grocery Delivery




Coming Soon



Keep your Group feeling connected by arranging supportive activities, not just focused on the to-do list.


The Most Innovative Event Engine Ever

Be there when it matters, even if you can’t be there

The only incident and critical response network that can be monitored and administered for you and your loved ones.

Watch Our Own also has a custom-built patented Incident Response Management System to track incidents such as falls or other calls for assistance and directly connects the Group and local EMS, if necessary.

We’ve been there. 

We know what it’s like to be a caregiver trying to balance life, family and career. 

Our Story

Helping Mom Paolillo through her last six months was always something he was going to do, but tools to help him manage her care, and relieve the additional time from our already busy life, simply did not exist.

As the primary caregiver for his mother, who lived one hour away from his New Jersey home, Watch Our Own co-founder Giancarlo Paolillo oversaw coordination of her care, keeping family up to date, in addition to helping to raise three young children and working up to 60 hours a week.


It’s crazy and stressful keeping all of the balls in the air while ensuring that you’re present for a loved one.


And it’s a familiar scenario millions of Americans experience and live daily.

An experienced developer, Giancarlo knew there had to be an easier way to help caregivers manage it all and to better support their loved ones.


Superior technology makes it easier to manage the care of a loved one for only $1 per month per user.

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