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The Watch Our Own App

The First All-in-One Caregiving Coordination and Incident Response System for Caregivers

Available on Android 5.0.0 + and iOS 8.0.0 +


An easy investment. Starting at $5/month for five caregivers.

First month is free


Build a Group

Build a group of caregivers to watch over a loved one

  • Create a free account and login

  • Build a profile with health information and important reminders for your loved one

  • Select who you are caregiving for

  • Organize a virtual group of caregivers to coordinate care for your loved one

  • Send an invitation to each person to accept

  • Any Watch Our Own registered user can be invited to be part of your group

  • No Group is too big or too small

  • Watch Our Own lets you coordinate with the Group directly through the app

  • Group creators can invite as many to join your group as a caregiver that your subscription plan supports

Input Important Medical Information

By creating a central record for all caregivers, anyone can step in to be a health advocate for their loved one.

  • Input health information such as medical conditions, allergies and vaccinations to have for reference to manage care for your loved one

  • Set up medicine and appointment reminders

  • Access and share real-time health, vitals and location information related to your loved one with Group members and EMS

  • Access and share real-time health, vital and location information related to our loved ones

  • Begin to monitor what you need to know – medication, health conditions, mobility, appointments, etc.


Create a Schedule

Everything from medicine to doctors appointments and caregiver shifts

  • Set up schedule reminders for various medications where alerts can go to you and your loved one so that no dose is missed

  • Appointment schedules keep you on track and notify all Group members if someone doesn't arrive on time

  • If a Group member helps out part-time, caregiver shifts can ensure they receive any alerts during that time period

  • Add paid caregivers to the Group to provide any key updates on your loved one

Call for Help

Directly call for help and alert the group

  • Set up the Event Engine to be alerted to track and monitor any incidents (falls, injured, lost) the group should know about

  • Call for help from your Group with one touch, or using a voice activated phrase

  • Use the secure chat and video for quick assessment of the situation

  • Get real-time updates for faster response

  • Geo-locator system finds your loved one and gets you to them quicker in an emergency

  • Contact EMS from the app

  • Immediately provide lifesaving information to first responders or emergency services from the app


Calls for help go to Group members not 911, unless initiated by a group member.



Openly share information, updates and communicate with the caregiving group

  • Watch Our Own makes it easy for Groups of caregivers to connect, communicate and stay up-to-date on your loved one

  • Allows each Group member to share updates

  • When an incident occurs, in-app chat and calls allow Group members to be more engaged in real-time,

  • and streaming video allows the care recipient or caregiver on hand to stream to the Group


All features are optional. Customize the app to meet the needs of your loved one

  • Every caregiving situation is unique 

  • Each Watch Our Own Group is different

  • Caring for an elderly parent is different from an ill friend or a child

  • You may not need all of the features the app offers

  • We give you the freedom to customize the app for your use and the needs of the Group and your loved one.


How it Works

Everything you need in one mobile app that you can afford

Helping Caregivers Watch Their Own

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