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Event Engine

The Most Innovative Emergency Monitoring & Incident Response Care System Ever


When it matters most, we've got you covered

How it Works

Developed for Caregivers by Caregivers

The Watch Our Own is the first Caregiving Coordination app and Incident Response System to provide caregivers the ability to receive help from trusted people in your Group, enabling them all to communicate and coordinate a response during an emergency involving a loved one when it happens.

Our innovative Event Engine extends the app beyond simple caregiving collaboration to further ensure the safety of your loved ones by allowing you to call and send for help for yourself or a loved one, communicate through secure chat and video, and find their location if needed.


The Event Engine allows caregivers to be responsive to an incident - minor or major - and keep the Group up-to-date in real-time. 

Whether a loved one is injured, lost, has fallen or needs assistance of any kind, our Event Engine helps you watch your own.

Man Using Tablet

Watch Our Own Events

Allows loved ones to get the help they need

The Event Engine can be launched to aid Group members and empower you to assess the situation and respond together.  


Activated by voice or touch, Watch Me Now is a call to Group members when a loved one is you are somewhere unfamiliar or hurt and needs help getting to safety. 


A Lost Event can be initiated automatically when someone isn’t at an planned appointment or by a Group member to alert others a loved one’s location is unknown.


By launching an Injured Event the Group can be quickly alerted that a loved one is injured or needs assistance.


Fall Detection utilizes your loved one’s phone’s sensor with customized settings for their your needs.  Not only is the fall sensitivity personalized set by you but also the delay time to acknowledge all "ok" before alerts are sent to the your Group.

Live Event Tracking

Incident Response Management System instantly alerts the Group when an Event occurs

The Event Engine allows Group members to be immediately responsive to an incident in real-time.


Anytime a call for help is initiated, all Group members are immediately alerted, provided location information and can chat or live stream video together with the loved one in need to determine the best course of action. 

All actions that take place during the Event are logged and accessible at a later time bay all Group members.

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The Geo-locator allows caregivers and Group members to easily locate a loved one and nearby emergency services

Sometimes an elderly or ill loved one becomes disoriented or even lost due to Alzheimer's or dementia. Caregivers need reassurance in these moments. 

In the case a loved one becomes disoriented or lost, a caregiver can alert the Group instantly. Using the Geo-locator, a caregiver can find and retrieve the loved one or contact EMS for assistance on site.

If emergency services are required, medical history and information can be shared by clicking the "Actions" button, ensuring the best care of your loved one.

Event Engine Features

The ultimate caregiving tool 

Live Stream Video

Easily and quickly communicate with Group members for any needs your care recipient has.

Securely communicate with loved ones in need and Group members, via video, to help assess a situation, make decisions and stay informed. 


The app uniquely allows you to easily locate the closest emergency services department (fire, police, EMS, hospital) and get directions or contact them in-app.

Medical Information

Manage and share, with the Group, and EMS, your loved one's medical history, current medications, allergies and basic health information.

Watch Our Own never shares, sells or uses any data but allows user to use as they seem fit


Access and provide your loved ones most recent health vitals history to aid EMS during an Event


Easily pinpoint your loved one's location and locate the nearest emergency services.

Send your loved one to an emergency services location or send EMS to your loved one's location.

Incident & Event Tracking

Live track any incidents or Events in real-time.


All Events are logged and saved for reference by any Group members

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