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New for Caregivers

Magazines and Online Media to Support Caregivers

Today's Caregiver Media

Caregiver Media Group is a leading provider of information, support and guidance for family and professional caregivers. Founded in 1995, we produce Today's Caregiver magazine, the first national magazine dedicated to caregivers, Caregiving books, Custom publications, the Fearless Caregiver Conferences, and our website,  

Award Winner: Best Caregiver Website in 2020

Today, there’s no shortage of information available to family caregivers. We search everywhere to find the most practical and useful tips, advice, personal stories, and resources related to caregiving and aging. Then, we boil it down to the most important points you’ll want to know.

When you’re informed and empowered, you improve health and wellness for both your senior and yourself.

Family Caregiving

Online stories, relevant news and information for family caregivers, Tips and advice as well as a variety of tools and resources for all caregivers, especially first-time caregivers.

Sections include: Life Balance, Financial, Medical, In-home and Long-term Care, Medicare, and Legal

Cure Today

Launched in 2002 for patients with cancer, survivors and their caregivers, CURE® Media Group’s flagship magazine and online resource provide access to leading resources and information that serve as a guide to every stage of the cancer experience. Award-winning editorial and creative teams deliver Cancer Updates, Research, and Education to connect the cancer community and empower individual journeys.

U.S. News & World Report

The national news magazine writes on national trends and stories on caregiving with detail for several segments of caregivers. Get tips and advice for everything caregiving.

HuffPost Caregiving

The HuffPost provides articles and news impacting caregivers (government & political), and tips and advice on coping and finding support as a caregiver. 

Caregiving magazine

Caregiving is a resource for seniors and the loved ones who care for them. Caregiving magazine helps you navigate everyday life, find necessary services and locate professional assistance. We give you the information you need to make the best choices during this complex phase of life. (Support and resources for aging loved ones.)

MemoryWell magazine

MemoryWell News for the Ages is an independent news platform designed to give the more than 43 million Americans who care for an elderly or disabled loved one at home news and information as they need it. Our site is powered by a national network of 700 writers, many whom are informed and motivated by their own family caregiving experiences.

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